LIFT Society is the only boutique lifting gym in Los Angeles where the focus is aesthetics. We believe in feeling strong, looking amazing, and showing off our hard work.

(310) 912-8989 7300 W Sunset Blvd, Hollywood 3270 Cahuenga Blvd West, Studio City 5435 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City 1703 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica
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I highly recommend LIFT Society! I came from a CrossFit gym but wasn’t seeing the physique results I wanted.  After 3 months at LIFT Society my body snapped together! Upper and lower body parts took shape! The training staff are so knowledgeable and open to answering any questions you might have.  They’re always up for correcting improper form in a helpful and supportive way!
Chris F.

I’ve been fighting my genetics for years trying to grow my glutes… and it turns out lifting heavy weights is the key to success. My glutes have grown an average 1.5 inches in a few months!
Steph M

If you’ve ever thought about incorporating weight lifting into your fitness regimen, especially if you are a female, this place is for you. Like most women, I’ve always been super intimidated to start going to a gym with experienced lifters around me and start doing whatever weight training workout I just Googled using probably not the right form. This place takes all the intimidation out of it and gives you an amazing workout with instructors that are experts on form.
Chloe D.

Hands down, LIFT Society is the best gym in Los Angeles, and the place to go if you’re looking to burn fat and BUILD muscle & strength.
Eric R.

This is the best gym I have ever attended! I began with no knowledge of working out and nutrition. Now, I finally understand how people say the gym is addicting! The classes have amazing instructors, the owners are such good, genuine people, and the classes are great for beginners and experts.
Tam A.

I personally find that if I go to a regular gym, I get bored with my programming and lose interest over time. At LIFT Society you can show up, know you have dedicated access to the weights you need and push yourself with varied programming that changes and keeps you engaged. The tempo, if you push yourself, is challenging enough that you’ll be able to burn calories and lose weight if that is your goal…and you’ll definitely be able to get a lot stronger.
Brendan O.